Super villainy game


Super villainy

Kill enemies and avoid them so they donīt cause you to lose life. Use special abilities to help you save yourself or kill more. Collect the coins that enemies leave behind when you kill them so you can upgrade yourself later.

How do you play? Move with W, A, S, D or arrow keys. Move the mouse to aim. Shoot out surrounding washes with the space key and to slow down time hold down the left mouse click.

Tags: Action (327) Time (181) shapes (218) lava (15) coins (131) ski (163) dispar (282) arrows (390) kill (77) mouse (1063) struggles (10) to struggle (52) point (70) fire (256) adventure (141) ability (743) plataforms (205) plataform (233) adventure (186) struggle (125)

By clicking on the 'PLAY' button you will exit SuperJocs to access the game