Mine zombies game


Mine zombies

You are the only miner willing to enter a mine full of diamonds but also full of zombies and evil creatures that want to kill you.

How do you play? Your desire to get the precious loot makes you enter a mine full of strange and evil creatures that at the slightest attack you. Move with the arrow keys, jump with the space bar, run with the shift arrow, attack with the mouse click and pick up weapons and objects with the E

Tags: Action (327) mine (100) diamonds (32) frogs (7) attack (24) objects (218) zombies (28) dispar (282) arrows (390) mines (18) three (109) mouse (1063) to struggle (52) action (39) fire (256) adventure (141) ability (743) adventure (186) Monsters (46) struggle (125)

By clicking on the 'PLAY' button you will exit SuperJocs to access the game