War mission game


War mission

Two tanks emerge on the battlefield. Only one will survive. Can you outsmart the other tank? Collect boxes of ammo and power-ups. Go to the enemy tank and shoot. This is the perfect game to play with friends and family. Tip: For two player mode, play on the same device (one finger on each side).

How do you play? Shoot moving the mouse and click the left button while tightening. When the objectives are achieved and destroyed, you can continue with the keys, A, S, D, W.

Tags: Action (327) strategy (267) two players (39) boxes (30) tanks (12) dispar (282) wargames (15) survive (11) mouse (1063) war (51) fire (256) ability (743) struggle (125)

By clicking on the 'PLAY' button you will exit SuperJocs to access the game