Egyptian puzzle game


Egyptian puzzle

The objective of the game is to collect all the golden beetles in each level using the small square blocks that you have at your disposal, and the trick is that each of them has a different ability when you click on them. Some can float, some can roll or jump, and some will also react to certain objects in the environment differently ... they could break blocks, and all can be drawn (or repelled!). Turn on and off with one click. To safely navigate hazards and get them to reach each beetle, you´ll need to figure out the proper commands to hit switches, move blocks and more.

How do you play? Use the unique abilities of the different block-headed characters and interact with switches and levers to collect all the golden beetles in each level.

Tags: Puzzles (454) squares (19) switches (2) fleet (8) characters (48) objects (170) pc (28) egyptians (4) puzzle (190) order (25) blocks (30) action (35) ingenuity (124) puzzle (340) puzles (318) puzle (331) ability (555) plataform (150) skip (85)

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