Save the orange game


Save the orange

The main character of this game is an orange who is stuck on top of some boxes and platforms! She is afraid of heights and so you must help her to reach the ground by removing these boxes and platforms. But be careful because as you advance, some dangerous objects like bombs and cactus appear and if you touch them, you will lose a life! You have 5 lives at the beginning and if you lose them all, the game is over. As you progress, you can win some extra lives depending on your score.

How do you play? Click on the boxes to make them disappear and the orange move.

Tags: Puzzles (543) nail (37) shapes (218) objects (218) boxes (30) bears (15) puzzle (246) pumps (48) ingenuity (124) puzzle (422) puzles (399) puzle (414) plataforms (205) plataform (233) afraid (3)

By clicking on the 'PLAY' button you will exit SuperJocs to access the game