Penguin Diner game


Penguin Diner

You have to serve meals in the restaurant penguin as fast as you can before customers get angry and leave. If you do well and get the money in one day, you can improve the restaurant and move from level

How do you play? Click first on penguins waiting at the door and then click on an empty table to sit. Then click on the penguin who raises his hand to take note. Then click on the food there at the counter and took it to the penguin that made the request. When will you leave money on the table you have to pick up that table to use another penguin. You have to do the same process simultaneously until the end of the day.

Tags: Simulation (11) meal (14) sea (136) penguins (12) simulation (57) role (79) animals (94) table (32) cooking (12) kitchen (15) restaurant (13)

By clicking on the 'PLAY' button you will exit SuperJocs to access the game