Lemmings game



These characters are like robots and only know how to do that so that what they are programmed is to get to their home even if they have to take off. You will have to help them to arrive safe and sound

How do you play? Watch the stage and choose the best way to make lemmings come home in good condition. They must arrive all and to do it some will have to climb, others to dig, some to make of wall ...

Tags: Platforms (213) Intelligence (352) strategy (248) shapes (202) characters (69) robots (9) lemmings (1) strategy (175) ingenuity (124) intelligence (310) puzzle (409) adventure (136) girls (319) boys (307) puzles (388) puzle (402) plataforms (189) plataform (213) adventure (180) classics (160) clasic (178)

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