Free the fairies game


Free the fairies

This is a game where_ by following the clues and solving the little puzzles, you will be able to free the adventures of the

How do you play? Collect all the items you find you need them later. Look at the pictures of rocks, trees and stones because at some point need to fit the pieces. You will pass through different places where_ you must solve puzzles that will take you to the end to get the keys to open the topsails Fairies

Tags: Adventure (222) Escape (128) drawing (51) trees (10) stone (29) riddles (12) drawings (17) keys (17) find lost items (5) lost (51) find (226) stones (21) objects (218) clue (47) three (109) observation (247) pieces (161) puzzle (246) tree (14) fairies (8) escapes (132) escape (116) escape (112) find objects (98) adventure (141) Lost objects (51) adventure (186)

By clicking on the 'PLAY' button you will exit SuperJocs to access the game