Five Nights at Freddy┤s game


Five Nights at Freddy┤s

This is a horror game in which you control Mike Schmidt, a security guard at a pizzeria where_ every night the dolls revive and roam the restaurant turned into unbalanced murderers, wanting to avenge their painful existence. He watches the hallways with the security cameras so they don┤t kill you.

How do you play? Keep an eye on the cameras in the lower right and change cameras so that the animatronics don┤t come near your room. If they get too close, on the left you have some buttons that will help you not to enter.

Tags: Action (293) Adventure (212) Escape (125) strategy (237) Simulation (127) toys (5) sea (254) night (13) train (25) role (151) cooking (25) kitchen (29) restaurants (23) adventure (178) afraid (3) restaurant (26) Monsters (38)

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